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Matias Barreto is born in Buenos Aires in April 1984. His academical formation is Social Communication (Universidad de Buenos Aires / University of Buenos Aires – UBA), Multimedia Arts (Universidad Nacional de las Artes / National University of Arts – UNA) and a Postgraduate Specialization in Object Theatre, Interactivity and New Media Arts (Teatro de Objetos, Interactividad y Nuevos Medios – Universidad Nacional de las Artes / National University of Arts – UNA).

Matias Barreto was director of Laboratory of Art and Communication (2010-2013) and creator of Creative Communities Meetings (2012, Buenos Aires, Argentina); professor junior manager of experimental project “Transmedia Narratives” (2010 – 2012, Buenos Aires University); professor junior and video-documentarist at Community Mental Heath (2010, Salud Mental Comunitaria, Psicodrama Specialization at Popular University of Madres de Plaza de Mayo); co-founder of Latinoamerican Network of Communitarian Theatre (2009, Sao Paulo, Brazil); award winner for Casa Amarilla’s 10th Youth Theatre Meeting (2005, Medellin, Colombia).

He has published and translated texts about media arts, theatre and new media, social labs, interventions and texts about the relationship between art and health.

Currently, his work is defined like a vibrant network of human and no-human agents (network art) than explore the affectivity and empathy of post-humans post-alphabetic generations; his playful laboratorium are installations.

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