Matias Barreto is born in Buenos Aires in April 1984. His academical formation is Social Comunication (Universidad de Buenos Aires / University of Buenos Aires - UBA), Multimedial Arts (Universidad Nacional de las Artes / National University of Arts - UNA) and a Posgraduate Specialization in Object Theatre, Interactiviy and New Media Arts (Teatro de Objetos, Interactividad y Nuevos Medios - Universidad Nacional de las Artes / National University of Arts - UNA).
Matias Barreto was director of Laboratory of Art and Communication (2010-2013) and creator of Creative Communities Meetings (Buenos Aires, Argentina); professor junior manager of experimental project Transmedia Narratives (Buenos Aires University); co-founder of Latinoamerican Network of Comunitarian Theatre (Sao Paulo, Brasil, 2009).
Currently, his work is defined like a vibrant network of human and no-human agents (network art) than explore the afectivity and empathy of post-humans post-alphabetic generations; his playful laboratorium are installations.